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More M60 clips & behind the scenes footage...

  1. Jon Chappell in Afghanistan
    See behind the scenes during filming in a warzone! Filmed by Jon Chappell.
  2. Bassas De India
    See behind the scenes during filming in the most remote location you can experience! Filmed by Jon Chappell and Stuart Morgan.
  3. Bike To Freedom 1
    An amazing story of a WW2 escape, re told by a son on a bike! Filmed by Jon Chappell from his bike!
  4. War Game Heroes
    Fun with toy soldiers. No idea how I got involved with this?!
  5. Sailing Holiday Video
    This is a short video made to promote the sailing company. We got a discount on the holiday!
  6. Canal Holiday Film
    This is a short video made to promote canal boat holidays. Again, another cheap holiday.
  7. Xmas Lakes for ITV
    Sample of footage filmed by Jon Chappell for this popular ITV show.
  8. Norway Title Sequence
    Title sequence for a Discovery Channel show shot by Jon Chappell.
  9. Channel 5 War Ship Clip Reel by M60
    Another short clip from the Ch 5 series shot by Jon. He lived and filmed on Royal Navy ships for 9 weeks in the Middle East.
  10. C2C Bike Ride Film
    Jon filmed and cycled this route for fun. I use to be fit!
  11. Nissan Quashqai - 1 Million Made!
    A short corporate video we made a while back but I still like it. Shot on a Canon 5D mk1.
  12. Bike To Freedom Part 2
    Filmed at Wheelbase for fun!
  13. Yu & You
    Another short corporate video filmed by M60.
  14. The Balvenie
    One of many films shot by Jon Chappell and Charlie Lang for the whisky maker. Double Wood is my favourite.
  15. The Race
    Jon's twin boys on bikes. Another fun film.
  16. Discovery Ch Title Seq
    A Matt Hayes title sequence.
  17. National Student Travel Video
    A business video made for NST, who sell and arrange holidays for students.
  18. Ray Mears B - Roll
    Ray Mears, B - Roll, from the Wilderness Walks series for ITV. 6 x 1 hours shot by Jon Chappell.
  19. Northern Lights
    Behind the scenes in Norway with Jon Chappell & Stuart Morgan.